Day 1

Welcome to the Twelve Days of Christmas!

Source BioScience is celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas in our own style, so for the first 12 working days of December, we will be offering you amazing offers, interesting facts and relevant information from all of our business sectors!

On the 1st Day of Christmas Source BioScience are offering 15% off Sanger sequencing*


Our first offer is a huge 15% off sequencing, take advantage of our high quality sequencing service. Use Source BioScience for your sequencing and enjoy:

  • Overnight Service™** - results by 9am next morning
  • Free collection or Freepost for your samples
  • Easy online ordering
  • Free repeats***
  • Localnetwork of sequencing laboratories with direct access to our scientists
  • Over 40 primers to use FREE of charge
  • Pre-paid sequencing voucher option

*Cannot be used in conjunction with pre-existing discount agreements on account or individual level.

**For accounts with Overnight Service™ collection boxes only

***Applicable for samples compliant with our sample requirements

Santa's fact of the Day


Source Bioscience fact of the day

Santa’s elves work all year round in their workshop to deliver presents world-wide.


SBS scientists work all year round to deliver Sanger sequencing results overnight, except for Christmas when we welcome Santa ourselves.

The offer is valid until the 31st of December 2016