reSource™ HS Taq PCR mastermix

Novel hot-start for unrivalled specificity & sensitivity. Prevention of polymerisation during reaction setup & initial temperature ramping is the key factor in determining sensitivity.


Hot start PCR is a method designed to eliminate non-specific amplification and limit primer-dimer formation during PCR, providing greater specificity and allowing for the detection of low copy number targets.

The typical approach to the development of Hot-Start polymerases has involved the use of antibody, covalent chemical modifications or scaffold peptide inhibitors.

Biological inhibitors, such as antibodies, peptides etc. have been shown to have reduced specificity leading to leaky hot-start and reduced sensitivity in PCR when compared to small drug-like molecule inhibitors. While covalent chemical modifications are now unpopular due to drastically reducing the efficiency of the enzyme and the long activation times required.

reSource™ HS Taq has been developed using drug discovery technology to screen small molecule libraries and incorporates a temperature labile tight binding molecule for ultimate sensitivity and specificity.


  • Ready to use pre-mixed, pre-optimized, 2X mastermix
  • Proprietary small molecule Hot Start technology
  • Unrivalled amplification of low copy number templates
  • Room temperature reaction set up
  • Short activation step
  • Suitable for a broad range of templates up to 6kb
  • Shortened PCR Protocols
  • High yields under standard & fast PCR conditions
  • Specific & efficient amplification of challenging templates including gDNA & GC & AT-rich sequences


  • Multiplex PCR
  • Low copy PCR Assays
  • Genotyping
  • TA Cloning
  • High Throughput PCR & Library Construction

reSource™ HS mastermix
400 reactions

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reSource™ HS mastermix
2000 reactions

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