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Sanger sequencing service

Our Overnight Service™ delivers the fastest turnaround times, making us your perfect partner for high quality sequencing. Deposit your samples in one of our vast number of Overnight Service™ collection boxes, and you will get your results back by 9am the following day.
We operate state of the art facilities in Los Angeles, where we provide rapid sequencing across the USA.

Our sequencing service offers

  • Turnaround times of less than 12 hours with our Overnight Service™ - results by 9am the next day*
  • Automated data delivery through SpeedREAD™
  • Easy online ordering
  • FREE collection - via our network of collection boxes or by using a FREE SHIPPING LABEL for sequencing samples
  • Over 30 primers to use - free of charge
  • Free sample and primer storage
  • Pre-paid sequencing vouchers - for ease of use and exceptional pricing

*Our Overnight Service™ collection boxes are in select locations only. Contact Customer Services to find your nearest collection box.

Sequencing Services

How to Place a Sanger Sequencing Order

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Single Read Sequencing in Tubes

Up to 1400bp, Single reads of plasmid and PCR products in 1.5ml tubes. Results by 9am the next morningView >

Single read sequencing in plates

Up to 1,400bp, sequencing of plasmids or PCR products in 96- or 384-well plates. Results by 9am the next dayView >

Sanger sequencing e-vouchers

The paperless and greener way of paying for your sequencingView >

DNA Sequencing Services with Bugs2Bases

Up to 1,400bp, plasmid extraction and DNA sequencing from bacterial cultures View >

Other Sequencing Services

Overnight Service, SpeedREAD, PCR clean up, template amplification, primer walkingView >

Information | Sanger Sequencing Services

FREEPOST, Free shipping label, sample requirements, primers, selected publicationsView >

How do I order?

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