MiSeq sequencing services

With the MiSeq™ Personal Sequencing System we guarantee rapid turnaround times for your samples. From receipt of your DNA sample, we will perform data analysis and provide you with your results in 24 hours (subject to application and read length)

Use The MiSeq For Your Next Generation Sequencing

  • Rapid turnaround time - from DNA to data in 24 hours
  • Fast and highly accurate results for a wide range of applications
  • Read lengths up to 2x300bp
  • Illumina CSPro certified service
  • Dual surface scanning - double the data
  • Low DNA input from 1 ng DNA per sample
  • High sample throughput - up to 96 samples per run

The MiSeq™ uses the same proven technology as Illumina's HiSeq™ and leverages TruSeq™ chemistry in order to generate up to 15Gb per run with 2 x 300bp paired-end reads, while supplying a fast and high quality data yield with a high level of base calls above Q30. All this enables scientists to carry out a wide range of sequencing applications including amplicon sequencing, de novo sequencing, targeted resequencing, small RNA-sequencing, library QC and 16S V4 metagenomics.

Quality Assurance

We operate to a unique set of quality standards: we are CPA and GCP accredited and we are also Illumina CSPro certified. This commitment to quality ensures that we deliver the highest quality data and service across every aspect of our business.


  • Resequencing - Alignments (.bam files), variant calls (.vcf files)
  • Amplicon sequencing- Alignments (.bam files), variant calls (.vcf files)
  • de novo assembly of genomes <20Mb - contigs in FASTA format, or optionally, dot plot vs. Reference
  • Small RNA-sequencing - Table of counts of mature miRNA hits. Counts of other hits by category (rRNA, snoRNA, etc..)
  • 16S V4 metagenomics - Pie charts of annotation counts by sample at various taxonomic levels (kingdom through genus)
  • RNA-seq

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