HiSeq sequencing services

The HiSeq utilises Illumina’s reversible terminator sequencing by synthesis chemistry with cutting-edge scanning and imaging technology.

The HiSeq is able to dramatically increase the number of reads, sequence output and data generation rate and has the ability to operate a single or dual flow cell mode offering experimental flexibility. The flow cells are operated independently of each other to allow different read lengths to be run simultaneously.

As a leading provider of genomic research services in Europe, we offer next generation sequencing using the HiSeq. we provide an experienced service with fast turnaround times and competitive prices as well as giving researchers access to all recently launched applications.

Sequencing Technology

The Illumina sequencing system is a groundbreaking platform for genetic analysis and functional genomics. It dramatically improves speed and reduces costs, transforming the way many experiments are devised and carried out.

Quality Assurance

We operate to a unique set of quality standards: we are CPA, GCP accredited and we are also Illumina CSPro certified. This commitment to quality ensures that we deliver the highest quality data and service across every aspect of our business.