Genome sequencing services

Next-generation sequencing platforms are able to offer single and paired-end reads to enable the discovery and confirmation of mutations, chromosomal rearrangements or single polynucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) through re-sequencing or de novo assemblies.

We offer the latest technology and bioinformatic solutions to facilitate whole genome next-generation sequencing.

We also use the latest library preparation kits to prepare the samples ready for sequencing, including the widely used and popular Illumina TruSeq and Nextera DNA library preparation kits.

The platforms we use offer the most effective technologies, whether you are sequencing an entire genome or a large candidate region.

Our service provides a selection of read length options and the choice of paired-end reads, enabling a comprehensive range of genomic applications such as:

  • De novo sequencing
  • Re-sequencing for SNP discovery
  • Identification of copy number variations (CNVs) and chromosomal rearrangements

Some of the popular areas in which researchers are taking advantage of this powerful technology are:

  • Human and Mammalian Genetics: Detection of known and novel mutations in specific regions of interest using targeted re-sequencing
  • Microbial sequencing: de novo and re-sequencing of multiple strains to examine phenotype-specific mutations
  • Agrigenomics: de novo and re-sequencing of species of commercial and research interest
  • Pathogen Detection in a Host System: Detection and characterisation of foreign DNA in infected plant or animal samples
Next generation sequencing platforms
  • Illumina HiSeq platform enables high-throughput, high-quality whole-genome sequencing, with the highest sequencing output: up to 6 billion reads/600Gb per run
  • Illumina MiSeq platform offers rapid turnaround times, with read lengths up 2 x 300bp
  • Illumina NextSeq rapidly generates up to 120Gb per run with 2 x 150bp paired-end reads

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