SNP genotyping services

The high throughput Fluidigm EP1™ System uses the innovative integrated fluidic circuit (IFC). This platform is ideal for mid-multiplex genotyping at very high throughput using IFCs called dynamic arrays™. The matrix of channels, chambers and valves perform the complex work of assembling the arrays.

Benefits of IFCs

Unlike other liquid handling methods, fluids are pressurised into the chip where reaction volumes are controlled by the internal well geometries. This eliminates the volume variability associated with other procedures. This results in experiments being conducted with less sample and reagent.

SNP genotyping using dynamic array IFCs

Why use Fluidigm IFCs for SNP genotyping

  • High Data Quality ≥99% call rates (for high quality DNA)
  • High Accuracy ≥99.75% accuracy (for high quality DNA)
  • High Throughput 9,216 data points produced per 96.96 chip 27,000 data points/genotypes produced per day
  • Fast Workflow Results produced in hours
  • Short project turnaround time
  • Small Quantities of DNA Required
  • Ideal for precious sample analysis


Array types available

Array 48.48
Number of  Samples/Array 48
Number of Samples/Array 48
Number of Reactions/Array 2,304

We also offer the greater flexibility of running larger numbers of sample against smaller numbers of SNP arrays.


Bioinformatics - analysis support

Our experienced bioinformaticians are able to provide a complete analysis package that can be customised to your specific research needs. Please contact us for further details.

Benefit from

  • Personalised project design
  • Individual project managers for each project
  • Knowledgeable scientists with considerable PCR experience
  • Specialist bioinformaticians to handle and interpret data
  • Specialist reports supplied
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Comprehensive, competitive quotes


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