Xenopus Full ORF Entry Collection

Xenopus Full ORF Entry Collection - ORFeome Collaboration

ORFeome collaboration

The Xenopus Full ORF Entry Collection was generated from researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and is

distributed on behalf of the ORFeome Collaboration. The library represents an extensive resource of sequence-confirmed clones enabling targeted experiments as well as large-scale screenings in Xenopus, an important model organism for functional genomic approaches.

Product range

  • Genome-wide collection of Full ORF Clones
  • Clones in Gateway-entry format permitting a precise and directional transfer of the ORFs to a wide variety of expression vectors with high efficiency
  • Stop codons have been removed to allow the production of fusion proteins
  • Fully sequenced and annotated clones
  • Extensive collection of more than 8600 ORFs covering about 8250 different genes from Xenopus laevis
  • Collection provides a wide coverage of the genome with a low redundancy


  • Analysis of gene function by manipulating the expression of genes after micro-injection of in vitro-transcribed RNA or by generating transgenic embryos
  • Gain-of-function screens through overexpression of RNA by injection
  • Loss of function studies by injecting dominant negative constructs or antisense morpholino oligonucleotides
  • Gene expression screens: microarray analysis and large scale in situ hybridisations to study the expression pattern of different genes in the whole embryo or in isolated tissues
  • In Xenopus embryos assays of gene function and gene expression can be easily adapted to large–scale screens because its external development facilitates the collection of tissues and embryos in large numbers
  • Xenopus embryos are ideally suited for understanding early vertebrate development and for investigating basic cell-biological processes

How to order

Complete set

Product Code Name Price
5055_XenORFeome Xenopus Full ORF Entry Clones - ORFeome Collaboration $15,699.75


We can also make subsets of your chosen clones from the collection, please contact us to discuss your requirements

Single clones

Individual clones can be easily ordered online via our search engine GenomeCUBE

Order conditions

The use of the resource is limited to research purposes. The collection is subject to the following MTA: MTA_ORFeomeCollaboration

Technical data

Library XenORFeome_Broad  
Source Species: Xenopus laevis  
Vector pDONR223  
Cloning sites Cloning Site 5s: attL1 Cloning Site 3s: attL2
Host Host Species: E.coli Host Strain: DH5alpha
Growth conditions Growth conditions medium: LB  


Protocols/Clone handling

Download clone list for the whole Xenopus Entry Collection
Download list of Xenopus laevis genes covered by the ORFeome Entry Collection