NIH Drosophila cDNA Library : NIH Dros Clones

NIH Drosophila cDNA clones are in the pBluescript SK (-) vector (see map below) cloned using EcoRI and XhoI restriction sites in the MCS, and transformed into the host strain E.coli SOLR.

Clones are supplied streaked onto LB agar + ampicillin (50µg/ml).

Clones on agar should be stored at 4°C on receipt.

As with all clones it is recommended that you re-streak to obtain several single colonies to test. Clones that test positive can be stored long-term as glycerol stocks at -70° C. After growth in LB broth + antibiotic, glycerol is added to a final concentration of 25%.

Primers for amplifying or sequencing the insert are: M13F, M13R, T7, T3, KS or SK.

The vector used was pBluescript SK-


nih dros clone