Chicken EST Clone IDs Help

Chicken EST Clone IDs Help


All clones in the UK Chicken Consortium EST Project are described in the format -
the prefix ChEST followed by the plate number followed by the well location on the plate (row and column).

Examples of clone IDs:



Ordering clones from Source BioScience:

To order clones from us it is necessary to remove the prefix ChEST on the actual order form. In the examples given above the clones should be entered on the order form as:



Do not include a hyphen (e.g.232P14 is correct, 232-P14 is incorrect).


Please note the following:


  • The plate numbers go from 1 - 1038 and the plates are in 384-well format.
  • In subsequent publications or database entries the clone must be referred to by the full clone ID (e.g. ChEST232P14 is correct, 232P14 is incorrect). In addition please acknowledge the originators of the clone, the UK Chicken Consortium EST project, and Source BioScience LifeSciences for providing the clone.