C. elegans TransgeneOme Resource (MPI-CBG)

The C. elegans TransgeneOme Resource (MPI-CBG) is available exclusively from Source BioScience.

Developed by Dr Mihail Sarov in the TransgeneOmics Unit, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, the    C. elegans TransgenOme collection enables the in vivo expression of fluorescent- and affinity-tagged proteins in C. elegans, under endogenous cis regulatory control.

The TransgeneOme Project is dedicated to providing efficient platforms for high-throughput transgenesis in model organisms, and the group runs a portal designed as an open collaboration project for crowdsourcing strain generation, image acquisition and pattern annotation tasks.

 Product Range 

  • Genome-wide resource of ~14700 tagged fosmid clones covering 73% of the protein-coding genes in C. elegans
  • Inserts comprise all important coding and regulatory sequences for most genes
  • C-terminal fusion protein expression construct - with a multipurpose tagging cassette consisting of GFP (fluorescence marker), Ty1 (flexible linker peptide) and 3xFLAG (affinity tag)
  • Genetic selection marker for worm transgenesis (unc-119) included
  • Constructs provided from the originator as non-clonal pools
  • Transgenic C. elegans lines will express fluorescent- and affinity- tagged proteins of interest under the native regulatory controls - enabling various tag-based functional assays
  • Advantages of the fosmid transgenes as gene expression reporters compared to customary promoter clones:
    • Inserts preserve the native cis regulatory elements including intronic and 3`UTR sequences
    • Expression of the tagged protein also reflects posttranscriptional regulatory mechanisms (e.g. rates of translation and protein degradation)
  • Web application available, providing full access to all construct-related information


  • Rapid generation of transgenic worm lines by microparticle bombardment (protocols available)
  • Large-scale, tag-based protein function exploration under endogenous regulatory control in C. elegans
  • Interrogation of proteins in vivo in many cell types, at the subcellular level and at all life stages
  • Monitoring of protein localisation using life fluorescent microscopy/other methods of high-resolution in vivo imaging
  • Quantification of proteins
  • Identification of interacting partners through affinity tag-mediated protein purification coupled with mass spectrometry
  • Mapping of protein binding sites on DNA by tag-based chromatin immunoprecipitation, coupled with NGS (ChIP-Seq) - without the need to develop highly-specific antibodies
  • Study of transcription factor function in vivo through systematic ChIP-Seq and localisation analysis (automated 4D imaging) to produce detailed DNA binding and cell/tissue maps for key transcription factor proteins and to emerge TF networks*
  • For use as sensors in loss-of–gene-function or drug-screening experiments
  • Systematic exploration of protein function from large sets of proteins

How to order

Single Clones

Individual clones can be easily ordered online via GenomeCUBE

Acceptable search terms include GenePair Ids or other gene/protein related identifiers from public databases (e.g. gene symbols, synonyms, Entrez Gene, UniProt, Ensembl).

The C. elegans TransgeneOme clones can be also retrieved using the construct name, which is used in the originator´s webportal (e.g. 4823124576334119_D09).


We can also make subsets of your chosen clones from the collection. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Order Conditions

The use of this resource is limited to research purposes. Collection is subject to the following MTA:


Technical Data

Library C. elegans TransgeneOme Resource (MPI-CBG)     

Species: Caenorhabditis elegans
Strain: N2

Vector pCC1FOS  
Insert Size 35 – 45 kb  
Stop codon status without  
Cloning Sites Cloning Site 5s: Eco72I Cloning Site 3s: Eco72I
Host Species: E.coli Strain: EPI300
Growth Conditions Growth Conditions medium: LB
Growth Conditions antibiotic: Amp (15µg/ml), Strep (100µg/ml), ClonNat (50 µg/ml)

Protocols / Clone Handling

Download clone list for the whole C. elegans TransgeneOme Resource

Download list of C. elegans genes covered by the TransgeneOme Collection

Manuals from MPI webportal


Sarov. M.,  Murray. J., Schanze. K.., Pozniakovski. A.,  Niu. W., Angermann. K., Hasse. S., Rupprecht. M.,  Vinis. E.,  Tinney. M.,  Preston. E., Zinke. A., Enst. E., Teichgraber. T., Janette. J., Reis. J., Janosch. J., Schloissnig. S., Ejsmont. R.., Slightam. C., Xu. X., Kim. S., Reinke. V., Stewart. A., Snyder. M., Waterston. R.,  Hyman. A. (2012) A Genome-Scale Resource for In Vivo Tag-Based Protein Function Exploration in C. elegans. Cell. 150(4): 855-866.

 * widely applied from the originator within the modEncode project