C. elegans ORF-RNAi library | Source BioScience

This ORF-based RNAi library is ideal for either high-throughput screening or individual knockdown experiments.

The ORFeome-RNAi v1.1 library contains 11,511 RNAi clones, which targets 10,953; 485 of these genes are targeted by 2 or more constructs. The library therefore covers the potential knockdown of 55% of the 19,920 unique protein-coding genes predicted in "worm sequence" 112.

Interestingly, there are ~1,700 unique genes not previously targeted by existing RNAi feeding libraries (an additional ~9% of the worm genome). Therefore, in conjunction with our exciting RNAi feeding library the overall predicted coverage of worm genes is ~86%.


Source BioScience offers individual clone(s) for research purposes only. We can also make subsets of your chosen clones from the collection. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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