NKI human miRNA sequence verified clones

Source BioScience will end sequence your clones before they are sent to you - you only pay for the clones that BLAST match with the NKI Human miRNA id you requested. This risk free option saves you time when you get your clone and removes the chance of receiving one of the wrong clones that are inherent in all copies of the NKI Human miRNA library.


  • Place your order conventionally but follow the Sequence Verified NKI Human miRNA clones link
  • Source BioScience will extract DNA, end sequence your requested clone(s) and BLAST the output
  • Successfully verified clones (>95% identity after quality clipping) will be shipped to you and we will include a BLAST report in the packet
  • Customers will be notified in their delivery about the clones that fail verification, no charge will be made for failed clones. In the unlikely event that all clones in the order fail verification the order will be completely cancelled at no charge and customers will be contacted by email.