Human miRNA library

Small, endogenous (miRNAs) regulate gene expression by mechanisms conserved across many multicelluar organisms. Recent studies have suggested that miRNAs have a role in cellular differentiation, tissue specification, apoptosis and the development of various human cancers. Uncovering the functions of the growing list of miRNAs presents a challenge to developmental biologists.

We offer the complete annotated human miRNA library (miR-Lib). Each fragment is cloned into a retroviral expression vector and is placed under the control of a CMV promoter. The library was constructed using the Rfam release 6 annotated database. Each construct has been tested for its ability to express in human cells.

For more detailed annotation, we advise that you access the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute microRNA website at:

miRNA vectorView the miRNA vector 

miRNA library clones and plates - further information

We offer the complete clone set of 1 384-well microtitre plate or individual clones, for research purposes only. We can also make subsets of your chosen clones from the collection. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. human mirna 1