Whole Genome Amplified (WGA)

Whole Genome Amplified (WGA) DNA aliquots have been prepared from a variety of organisms such as Human, Mouse, Rat, Chicken, Dog, Bovine, Fugu and S. cerevisiae. WGA aliquots have been prepared to the highest quality. The researcher can utilise the aliquots in a variety of applications such as PCR, library construction, southern blotting and SNP analysis.


WGA Aliquots
  1. Random primers, which are exonulease resistant, anneal to a single strand of genomic DNA template.
  2. Phi 29 polymerase moves along the DNA template strand. The DNA polymerase has a 3´ -> 5´ exonuclease proof reading activity that maintains the high fidelity during replication.
  3. Phi 29 displaces the complementary strand.
  4. The displaced strand becomes a template for the subsequent rounds of replication resulting in elevated yields of high molecular weight DNA.

WGA DNA Aliquots

Supplied: 50µg of DNA 1µg/µl in sterile distilled water.  Store at 4°C

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Fugu rubripes genomic DNA

Total Fugu genomic DNA was prepared by proteinase K digestion of testis followed by phenol/chloroform extraction and extensive dialysis against 10mM Tris-HCl pH 7.4, 1mM EDTA. We supply aliquots containing 20µg total genomic DNA/aliquot.

Supplied: 20µl at 1 µg/ µl in TE buffer Store at 4°C

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QA WGA DNA aliquots

Wee also offer a comprehensive WGA service that facilitates the rescue of minute quantities of DNA such as buccal swabs, mouthwashes and finger pricks. Furthermore, if you would like to reduce time-consuming genomic preparations, whether eukaryotic or prokaryotic, why not try amplifying your precious last microlitre by using WGA. For further information please visit our Whole Genomic Amplification Service