Mouse PAC Library | RPCI-21

This mouse PAC library RPCI21 was constructed by Kazutoyo Osoegawa working in Pieter de Jongs' laboratory at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo. The vector, pPAC4, was constructed by Eirik Frengen. The source is female 129/SvevTACfBr mouse spleen genomic DNA. The average insert size is 147 Kbp. The library consists of approx. 128,000 clones in 336 microtitre plates (384-well format). The plate numbers run from 337 to 672 .


The library is available from us as high density gridded filters for screening by hybridisation. The set consists of 7 double spotted 22.2x22.2 cm filters.

K. Osoegawa et al [2000] "Bacterial artificial chromosome libraries for mouse sequencing and functional analysis." Genome Research 10: 116-128


Further information on the library and the vector can be obtained from the WWW site: