Mouse RPCI-23 (RP23) - search help page

How to find mouse BAC and MICER clones public databases


Mouse genomic clones can be searched for using the NCBI Map Viewer clone search tool.




It can be searched using a specific location, or searching for a feature (gene, STS, clone, etc) of interest. 

To search for a gene

  • select the 'Search by Feature' tab
  • select 'Gene' from the feature type 'from' box
  • type the gene name in the 'Feature Name' box and click on 'Go'


On the next screen you can select the BAC clone libraries to search.  To find the Source BioScience resources select:

  • MHPN and MHPP (MICER clones)
  • RP23  (RPCI-23 clones)
  • bMQ

Then click on 'Find Clones'




To find out more information about each clone click on the respective line. 


You will see a pop up box containing the clone ID and other features, together with links to the clone end sequences.


You can then use the NCBI Clone DB ( for finding out more detailed clone information (associated sequences, related clones etc).  Search using the clone ID (e.g. BMQ-38M6)


To order, please use the clone ID in our GenomeCube search.  Please note that due to MTA requirements we can only accept clone orders placed online via GenomeCube.


 For help and assistance finding BAC clones please contact us