Central Lab Services | Drug Development

Source BioScience provides a comprehensive suite of services supporting all aspects of the drug development pathway from target identification, validation and clinical trials, as well as the development of companion diagnostics to support new drug launches.

Our expertise in pharmacogenomics provides an insight into how variations in DNA can affect response to drugs. Such variations can render drugs more toxic and harmful to particular patients or, in other cases, ineffective. Polymorphisms or somatic mutations can in certain instances be used as an indicator for patient response to treatment and aid in the development of personalised medicine, providing more effective drug therapy to the patient.

Our experience and comprehensive services provide tools to shorten drug development time and cut costs, enabling pharmaceutical and biotech companies to meet tough deadlines

Target Identification & Validation

All aspects of DNA and RNA analysis providedView >

Pre-Clinical Testing Services

Fully accredited facility, experienced in supporting regulatory submissions and cross- reactivity studiesView >

Clinical Trial Services

Global support provided for clinical trial studies from Phase I through to Phase IVView >

Pharmacogenomics | DNA Genotyping

A comprehensive suite of services including genotyping and mutation analysis supporting all aspects of drug development View >

CTC/CEC Testing

A comprehensive service for the evaluation and enumeration of circulating tumour cells and circulating endothelial cellsView >